Tuesday, March 14, 2006

100 Things About Jawdy

  1. My name is Jordan Scott Borenstein
  2. I was born in June of 1967
  3. My birthdate is really cool - 6/7/67
  4. Which means that in 1989, my birthday was 6/7/89
  5. I have a pretty cool job as a Sales Director for a public company
  6. I have lived in New Jersey since 1971
  7. In March of 2006, I moved my family of five to Salt Lake City, UT for work
  8. They were excited about it
  9. I am very happily married to Deb
  10. Deb's parents are from Argentina
  11. My Mom is from Colombia
  12. 10 and 11 are REALLY cool
  13. Our Moms speak Spanish to eachother
  14. My son Elijah was born in December of 1999
  15. My daughter Hannah was born in May of 2003
  16. My daughter Sadie was born in November of 2005
  17. No more kids
  18. Ever
  20. I like to eat
  21. Some people can tell this from looking at me
  22. My favorite food is my next meal
  23. Elijah is obsessed with Star Wars
  24. Hannah is obsessed with Dora
  25. Sadie is obsessed with absolutely everything around her
  26. Deb is a video game Mom
  27. We played Donkey Kong on her Super Nintendo in the first five minutes of our first date.
  28. That's love....
  29. We met at the Coastline in Cherry Hill
  30. Deb's friend Alyssa introduced us
  31. We didn't sleep together on our first date
  32. We were too busy squashing bad guys on TV
  33. Deb wonders to this day why I didn't try anything
  34. (I think she wanted me to) :-)
  35. My iPod is my mistress
  36. I have just under 8,000 songs on my iPod
  37. My iPod has a name: The Jawdpod
  38. Deb thinks I would leave her and marry it if I could
  39. I wouldn't....but it is pretty attractive
  40. I don't poop in public places
  41. I've NEVER pooped at work
  42. I DO poop at home all the time
  44. My hair used to be down to my shoulders and naturally curly
  45. It went "Michael Bolton" on me in 1995 and I cut it off
  46. Now my frontal lobe resembles a ping pong ball
  47. I grew a goatee in 1994 to compensate for the lack of hair on my head
  48. Chicks dig the goatee
  49. I'll never shave the goatee again - it adds 150 pounds to me when I do
  50. I have absolutely no hair on my legs
  51. People called me NAIR when I was younger because of that
  52. I DO have a ton of hair on my testicles though
  53. (that last one was a joke)
  54. It's actually on my back
  55. I've lost over 150 pounds in my life
  56. It was the same 50 pounds THREE times
  57. I zoom around in a jet black Audi A4
  58. I am not compensating for anything
  59. I look DAMN good in it
  60. I have a sister Candice who is 4 years younger than me
  61. She killed our gerbil in 1976
  62. I trust her now - she and her hubby Scottie are the godparents of Hannah
  63. I just won't let her babysit my pets
  64. She's one of my best friends
  65. I've been with the same company since 1998
  66. I am so fiercly loyal that I probably will never leave
  67. My loyalty is a fault and an asset at the same time
  68. I am a gadget junkie
  69. Deb and I are computer geeks
  70. We are sitting 5 feet from eachother right now, each on our own laptops
  71. I almost failed Spanish in school and my Mom is an professional interpreter
  72. I almost failed EVERY subject in high school but I can tell you ten facts about ALL 8,000 songs in my iPod
  73. I think that qualifies as autism
  74. My Dad wrote "WE MADE IT" in my high school yearbook
  75. Strange because most of my friends went to Ivy League schools and I barely made it
  76. At the first dinner I ever had at Deb's parents house, everyone took a turn around the table telling a personal story about poop
  77. I told them about #40 above
  78. The cup is ALWAYS half full with me
  79. I believe that a positive attitude is the single most important character trait a person can have
  80. Not enough people are blessed with this
  81. I wear boxer briefs
  82. I ALWAYS wear a t-shirt
  83. I sweat way too much
  84. I use a fan in my office every single day - no matter the weather
  85. Elijah sweats as much as me
  86. I've never taken a drag of a cigarette in my life
  87. My Dad had a heart attack right in front of me in 1979 and I was the only one home
  88. He hasn't smoked since
  89. I am proud of him for that
  90. His grandkids are thankful to have known him as a result
  91. I believe smokers should be caged
  92. Well, maybe not caged, but I love the new "no smoking in public" laws!
  93. I am a baseball fanatic - PHILLIES!! (again, that loyalty thing....)
  94. I've only called sick out of work ONCE in my life
  95. I was so sick I thought I was going to die
  96. My mother wrapped my head with raw potato slices to "suck the sick out"
  97. I waited for Candid Camera to walk in but instead I was better in 3 hours
  98. Since Elijah was born, I have cried at nearly every movie I've seen
  99. Herbie the Love Bug really got me
  100. What should be #100? Leave a comment with your suggestion!